Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matt & Claire & Sebastian & Arlo & Zola

You want pictures?  We got pictures!   Check us out.

You want to read what Claire thinks about things?  Imperfect Tense is for you.
(warning:  some content is mature; other content - not so much)

You want to relive old journeys?  Well, you can't.  Turns out our old New Zealand stories have disappeared, and will stay that way until we figure out how to access the digital depths.

This page is mainly here to serve as a link to the other stuff, but we'll do occasional updates below.

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Catching up on the basics...  (updated February 2013)

We live in a cohousing community in Ashland, Oregon (as far south as you can get before it becomes California).  It's a great little town with mountains, rivers, Shakespeare, and cows.  Matt is a timberframer, building with old-school craftsmanship and huge pieces of wood.  Claire teaches middle school part-time, mostly classes in the humanities.  Sebastian turned three on November 4, and climbs and counts and talks (and talks and talks and talks...) and laughs.  His best birthday present in 2012 was a little brother:  Arlo joined us on November 1st, and is filling our lives with joy (but not sleep).  Zola chases sticks at the lake and dreams of chasing jackrabbits in the desert.  We do our best to fill our lives with adventures, from taiko drumming to whitewater rafting to world travel.